by kelli clark


Given the world's current political climate, and the rise of social awareness

groups of people are more divided on social issues than ever before.

with arguments and debates becoming more and more commonplace and nuanced,

it is important that we educate ourselves on helpful and hurtful techniques

when arguing with another person.

terms to know in a heated argument is an open source database of words

to describe the various ways people constructively and destructively argue.

These terms exist in the form of cards, zines, and website.

below are some of these terms.

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Terms dictionary

You've received this card because you've repeatedly interrupted the other party's statement or thought. This both diminishes the importance of their words and shows you're not listening either. Wait to speak until there's a pause, or, if you must interject, repeat what you heard back to them. It's hard to communicate when only one side is talking.

Chronic Interrupting


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Watch out! You are gaslighting, otherwise known as psychologically manipulating someone into questioning their own judgments. This is very harmful to the other party's psyche. Make sure you are validating the other party's feelings, not undermining them. You can communicate your feelings without dismissing others'.



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Do you find yourself citing the first amendment a little too much? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But not when your opinion is harmful to an entire segment of the population! The person who has given this to you thinks you should inform yourself a little bit better. Google this topic to form a more educated opinion.

Ill-Informed Opinion


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Are you listening to respond or listening to understand? Before responding defensively or quickly, Take a 5-second deep breath To allow all the other person’s words to sink in. Don't just hear what you want to hear.

Predatory Listening


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TERMS TO KNOW in a heated argument is an open source project;

so We want your contributions!

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